Lauren Berryhill is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer who has lost over 100 pounds during the course of her weightloss and fitness journey.

She struggled for years with binge eating disorder, body dysmorphic disorder and became over weight due to her addiction to food.

In early 2017, Lauren heavily researched the Ketogenic diet as she was desperate for a complete lifestyle change. Since going keto, she has cured her pre-diabetes, overcome her food addiction and has recovered from her eating disorder. Though she's lost over 100 pounds, she still suffers with body dysmorphia and fights the internal battle each and every day. She's a self love activist and preaches self care as a means to heal the way we view ourselves.

Lauren offers one on one nutrition and fitness coaching as well as custom macro profiles, meal plans and fitness plans

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Client Success

Tyler's Says:

Lauren helped me lose over 100 pounds with the ketogenic diet!

Holly Says:

Lauren’s knowledge and willing to help her clients understand keto is amazing!

Whitney Says:

If you want to make a lifestyle change and are committed, Lauren can absolutely help you!!!


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