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Become A Master Macro Tracker And Take Your Journey Into Your Own Hands!

Lauren Berryhill is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer who has lost over 100 pounds during the course of her weight loss and fitness journey using a ketogenic diet approach. She has led a keto lifestyle for nearly five years. She has a total of 4 certification specializations and continues to pursue continuing education to best serve her clients.

She struggled for years with binge eating disorder, body dysmorphic disorder and became over weight due to her addiction to food.

In early 2017, Lauren heavily researched the Ketogenic diet as she was desperate for a complete lifestyle change. Since going keto, she has cured her pre-diabetes, has overcome her food addiction and has recovered from her eating disorder. 


In 2020, Lauren became pregnant with twins and continued to follow a whole foods based ketogenic diet with a few minor changes as well as her workout routine. Her prior pregnancy in 2015 was full of complications like preeclampsia, high blood sugar and other issues. After healing her body with a ketogenic diet prior to her second pregnancy, she carried her twins to full term at 37 weeks with no complications and delivered a healthy baby boy and girl. In addition to a healthy keto pregnancy, her postpartum recovery has been much quicker and easier while also staying keto. She was cleared to workout at two weeks postpartum and has been able to lose the 57 pounds she gained and additional weight all within the first three months postpartum. Lauren feels that her experience with a keto pregnancy and the postpartum period gives her the extra knowledge to help others know how to navigate their own journey. 

Lauren offers one on one nutrition and fitness coaching as well as custom macro profiles, meal guidance, customized fitness plans and so much more!

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I work with a limited number of clients per month which is why you can not just purchase 1:1 coaching from my website. I currently have a waitlist but if you'd like to join the waitlist, please submit an inquiry!

Client Success


Tyler's Says:

Lauren helped me lose over 100 pounds with the ketogenic diet!


Holly Says:

Lauren’s knowledge and willing to help her clients understand keto is amazing!


Whitney Says:

If you want to make a lifestyle change and are committed, Lauren can absolutely help you!!!

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