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One On One Coaching


One on One Coaching is a completely personalized experience with me as your personal nutrition and fitness coach.

This includes an initial consult call where we go over your coaching experience in detail. Everything with your coaching experience is completely customized to you. Keto is not a one size fits all lifestyle. I specialize in finding how keto works for the individual person.

As a private coaching client, will be invited to be apart of my online coaching app where this will allow us to check in each day to keep you accountable. You will have full access to me during your coaching period for any questions you may have and to help you along the way. You will also get a sample meal plan each week that is completely customized to your needs and aims to help you understand how to hit your macros as well as learn valuable skills like meal prepping and planning ahead. Meal plans are NOT a dietary prescription or requirement to follow but are meant to help you understand what a day of eating looks like on your macros. They are based on one day of perfect macros that you will meal prep off the week from unless you track food to fit within your macros otherwise. Ideally, the sample meal plan is to help teach you have to track macros on your own. As a nutrition coach, my goal is to teach you food portion sizes and how to eat for your goals, understand macros and how to fuel your body with whole foods.

Each week your progress is evaluated and changes will be made based on how your body is responding. We will keep documentaion of your progress through photos and measurements as well as weekly weigh ins. We will have bi weekly phone consults to discuss your progress (upon client request),  reassess your goals and our approach on how to achieve them.

Should you choose the nutrition and fitness training, your workouts will be customized completely to your own fitness level and assigned within the app as well. 


Please note: I am a Certified Nutrition Coach and personal trainer. I am NOT a regiersted dietician or medical professional and do not give medical advice or dietary presciptions.

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