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Meet Lauren

Hi! My name is Lauren Berryhill, also known as Keto Coach Lauren. KCL for short.

I'm a wife, mom and entrepreneur who started my journey of weight loss and self discovery over 5 years ago.

I suffered silently with years of body dysmorphia which spiraled me down a uncontrollable path of binge eating disorder and food addiction. These detrimental behaviors lead me to reach my highest weight of 232 pounds in 2015, post child birth.  

It wasn't until I met my son for the first time that I realized just exactly what I had to live for. 

I struggled through the first year of my weight loss journey going back and forth between different diets. I have chronically yo-yo dieted my entire life. In my early adult years, I was stopping on the way home from work for bags of gummy worms, packets of donuts and soda. Consuming them all before I reached my home and then throwing away the trash before I walked in the door so no one would know. As the end of 2016 came to a close, I had managed to lose about 60 pounds but not with ease. I still found myself binge eating often and my food addiction was at an all time high.

When New Year's Eve 2016 came, I knew I needed not just another diet, but a lifestyle change. I needed a completely new start. I came upon something called the Ketogenic Diet and spent the next two weeks researching it heavily. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. I avoided starting New Years Day as that was my normal trend and proceeded to wait until I had all my bearings. 

January 15th, 2017 I started Keto and never looked back.

Through trial and error, hard work, a new mindset and dedication, I successfully lost a total of 103 pounds. I started lifting weights and fell in love with it. I found a new passion for health and fitness and pursued my certification in nutrition as well as personal training and started my online coaching business. Two years later, I've helped nearly over thousands of people change their lifestyle, reach their goals and become better versions of themselves, just as I did,


In 2021, I became pregnant with TWINS and continued a keto lifestyle during my pregnancy, postpartum and feel the best I ever have!

It's been a wild ride. I've managed to maintain a healthy relationship with food after healing my eating disorder. I dodged Type 2 diabetes and am the healthiest, fittest version of myself to date. I continue to set goals for myself as there is no finish line when it comes to our health and fitness journey. And I dedicated each and every day to helping others do the very same thing. 

I am honored and blessed to work with men and women around the world to change their lives, heal their eating disorders and work on their mindsets. 


"Change Your Mindset. Change Your Life."

-Keto Coach Lauren

My Mission

My goal is to provide each and every client with the tools to beat their eating disorders, focus on positive body image, lead a healthy, whole foods based ketogenic lifestyle and become a healthier version of themselves. I provide knowledge to my clients, education and strategies on how to begin their fitness journey and maintain a lifestyle that no longer feels like a diet. I I help my clients ditch diet mentality and focus on being the best, healthiest and fittest versions of themselves each and every day. 

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