KCL'S 4 Week Self Awareness Program

Keep Choosing Love is a online 4 week program designed by KCL herself  to help you develop a self care routine, form a loving relationship with yourself and combat negative body image while simultaneously healing your relationship with food.

During the course of this 4 week program, you'll receive printable PDF worksheet exercises to complete each day that will aide in the healing process and allow you to form a loving and trusting relationship with yourself. 

This is a buildable program.

Each week you will add on a new exercise to build a complete daily self care practice that you can continue to grow and transform through.

Along with the guided worksheets, you will receive

one on one support via text app with KCL over the course of the 4 weeks as well as lifetime access to an online community where others who have gone through or are going through the program can provide support, encouragement and more.

Weekly video content as well as resources from KCL will be available within the community to provide you with as much support as possible to see this process through. 


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