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Your Weight Doesn't Equate Your Worth


My recent weight loss process has been recognized by so many people and it is is so awesome to hear such positive feedback. After a hard year of healing in 2019, I’m ecstatic about the changes happening. I share my progress to inspire others to keep going but one thing I don’t want to get miscommunicated is the value of my (or anyone else’s) worth when it comes to weight loss. ♥️

But it's important for me to communicate the TRUE message behind this photo....

My worth has not increased because I’ve lost weight. My worth has not increased because I’ve changed my body. Just like when I gained weight, my worth did not decrease. The value of YOU as a person is not determined by how your body looks or what you weigh. Let me repeat that: THE VALUE OF YOU AS A PERSON IS NOT DETERMINED BY HOW YOUR BODY LOOKS OR WHAT YOU WEIGH!! 🗣🗣🗣

If you’re on your weight loss journey and your motivation is that SOMEHOW you’ll be ‘enough’ for you or someone else when you lose the weight, PUT THAT THING DOWN, FLIP IT AND REVERSE IT. ☝🏻 The moment you accept and value yourself (under no one else’s standards) based on WHO YOU ARE and not how you look, you will experience true freedom. I am not worth more because I’ve changed my body. I am ENOUGH as I am because I love WHO I am. It’s not just about how you look. And no one should ever feel they have to lose weight to BE enough for anyone, including themselves. ✌🏻

Love YOU. Embrace YOU. Right here 👇🏻 Right now 👇🏻 And watch how your perspective changes ♥️

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